Journée de la Femme Digitale

#JFD agenda

For the first time, JFD & Madame Figaro present the JFD generation, a generation of role models. 

JFD generation, a generation of role models who all have in common an unfailing desire to move the lines in their companies and profoundly transform their sector.

They are the architects of tomorrow’s world, prescribers of a technology and a project at the service of a fairer society and in 2020 they are making a difference.

Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, managers or artists… These French women from all sectors and with heterogeneous backgrounds are working to meet the major challenges of our society through digital technology.

Congratulations to Julia Bijaoui, Co-Founder & Co-CEO Frichti, Rebecca Cathline, Co-founder and CEO Ma Coiffeuse Afro, Anne de Bagneux, Director of Strategy & Transformation Transdev, Justine Emard, Artist, Jade Francine, Co-Founder & COO WeMaintain, Elodie Grimoin, Co-Founder Urban Canopee, Carole Juge-Llewellyn, CEO & Founder Joone, Alexandra Van Houtte, Founder & CEO Tagwalk, Virginie Simon, Founder MyScienceWork, Anna Stépanoff, CEO Wilde Code School.

10 digital women, a role model generation, the #JFD generation!

On the road to a fairer and more creative world these 10 emblematic figures of the digital world have distinguished themselves by their endurance, courage and benevolence. They change the rules and have imposed their ethics on their fellow players #ForABetterWorld, the common denominator of this first prize list #JFD x Madame Figaro.

Faced with the health crisis, how is Africa adapting to maintain its socioeconomic and cultural course through digital technology?
Digital is an undeniable lever for inclusion and development in a context without precedent on the continent, where many initiatives are emerging for and in Africa.
To support the economy, culture and social ties, women on the continent are adapting, innovating and more than ever taking action!

Join us for a live session* with: 
Delphine Remy-Boutang, founder & CEO the bureau & JFD
Sira Sylla, Lawyer and French politician, elected Member of Parliament for the Seine-Maritime region
Grace Loubassou, Head of Institutional Relations CANAL+INTERNATIONAL
Camelia Ntoutoume-Leclercq, Executive Director of JFD Club Libreville
*This live session will be in French

The Covid-19 challenge showed it: Internet is an ally and an enemy. A lever for prevention and a means of monitoring populations… Internet makes it possible to beat the recall and to federate forces much faster and in a massive way, but it is also the tool for certain governments to monitor the masses and to undermine individual liberties.
With : Arielle Kitio, Founder of CAYSTI & Margaret Entrepreneur Africa 2019, Moustapha Cissé, Director of the Google AI Research Center in Accra, Abdoullah Cissé, Professor, lawyer and digital expert, Gildas Guiella, President of Wakatlab (ex-Ouagalab).